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Creative Suite

$  49

Izotope Creative Suite Published on Thu, 23 Jun 2022

by graywyot

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7 Innovative and Inspiring Software Tools

With seven innovative software tools, iZotope's Creative Suite will elevate your productions.
- VocalSynth 2 is a complete vocal toolbox with five powerful synthesis engines.
- Iris 2 is a spectral synthesizer that's ideal for sound design and synthesis.
- Grunge up any source with Trash 2 Expanded
- And achieve that elusive "stutter" effect with Stutter Edit.
- Create exciting delay effects with DDLY
- And generate otherworldly psychotropic filter effects with Mobius Filter.
- You also get BreakTweaker Expanded for crafting wild and compelling grooves.

The inspiring tools in Creative Suite are sure to find their way into every one of your projects.