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Orange Tree Samples

Evolution Rick 12 - 12 String Guitar

€ 45

Evolution Rick 12 - 12 String Guitar Published on Wed, 21 Jul 2021

by Michael808

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Evolution Rick 12 captures the iconic jangle of a 12-string electric guitar. In my opinion one of the best sounding versions of a Rickenbacker 12 string guitar on the market! As always Orange Tree Samples' easy user interface guarantees getting the sound you want for that legendary 12 String. The included amps and effects are amazing - as well as the huge amount of Snapshots / Presets! Recorded dry of course - ready for your effects - if needed!

Including OTS' amazing Strum and Chords programmer!

Up to Quad Track! Adjust Pick Style, -Position, -Noise amount, Fret Position, Dynamic curve, Capo Position, Strum speed

Updated version March 2021!

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